Disrupting Private Market Technology - About Bison

Who is Bison?

Bison’s technology disrupts the way information is consumed and exchanged in private markets.

Bison’s founders recognized that a lack of transparency, information asymmetry, and incomplete data sources riddled the private equity industry. The company’s initial mission was to create a truly transparent, objective data set that supported private equity and now Bison’s data is recognized as the best in the industry.

Today, Bison’s mission and vision is to connect people through a common set of parameters  and analysis using technology and innovation.

About our Products

Bison has two products in the market that represent the forward looking mission and vision of the company. – Cobalt LP and Cobalt GP.

Cobalt LP helps institutional investors like Hamilton Lane understand capital flows in portfolios, diligence managers, and report on portfolio performance.

Cobalt GP helps fund managers service clients with custom analysis, automated reporting, and powerful visualizations. 

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Headquartered in Boston, Bison’s products currently serve the industry’s leading private equity firms and investors, including large buyout and venture capital firms, leading endowments and foundations, as well as private and public pensions.




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